Crafts and Kitchen: The Journey

          Hey there! I am Syed Asma Sayeeda, YouTuber, blogger, writer, recipe developer, content creator, chef, baker and photographer on Crafts and Kitchen. Follow your heart they say, I can surely say that my heart had a lot of things planned 🙂

          If you tend to have a sweet tooth, adore everything that is bright and colorful and are a fan of good comedy, then probably you and I should be friends. But first, let me tell you a little bit more about me and about the journey that got me here.


          I am the biggest foodie you will meet. I have been a foodie since the time I can remember, but cooking caught up with me much later.

         My story does not begin with the conventional dialogue “I started cooking at the age of 5…”. My younger brother knew the basics of cooking even before I did. He would casually make an omelette for himself or prepare tea, while I struggled to even cook Maggi noodles.

          But eventually one has to learn to cook and when I did, I found that I was very much interested in making appetizers and a variety of snacks.

          Growing up, I did what everyone else of my age did: “mechanically follow the predetermined path of an average Indian kid”. I completed my bachelors in technology with a good percentage, and found myself a company to work for, worked there for about two years and then got married.

          After marriage, we moved to the USA. But unlike everybody else who moved to the US (on a dependent visa), I did not start the channel or the blog because H4 visa had deprived me of my job opportunities.  I would probably be having this channel and blog even if I were on any other working visa because deep down I knew creativity and art is my forte. This fact prompted me to create a platform to showcase my skills.


          By the time I was in college, I knew cooking creative dishes made me happy. But I always needed a person to do all the side jobs while I did the main stuff. That person, most of the times would be my younger sister. I would feel like a chef while my sister was the sous chef.

          But after moving to the US, I had to do the cooking all alone, but I realized I still enjoyed it as much as or even more than earlier.

          I am not entirely sure if it chose me or I chose it, but I have become a happy soul ever since I started doing what I do (all the creative stuff).

          I live a completely creative life from dawn to dusk. I believe that every day brings something new and unknown with it, thereby keeping me constantly searching to improve my crafts and skills.

I love Fashion, fitness, food, and dancing.

I also love cute and pretty looking things a lot, be it cute kitchen stuff or pretty hairbands I am constantly on the search for them.

          Thank you for stopping by my little home on the web, and taking the time to read my story.



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