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DIY BUTTERFLY CRAFT | Paper Butterflies

DIY Butterfly Craft is a video on how to make butterflies using paper.

I always thought that crafting was easier to learn through a video than written instructions because you can see each step well, so here is the video.

Today I am going to show you how to make simple paper butterflies. I was amazed at how cute they looked in real when I first learned to make them.

I always thought of butterflies as delicate beautiful creatures and getting to make them with paper is so much fun.

You can use different colors of paper to make. You can use them to decorate your wall, or in your crafts or they are also great for gift wrapping.

Very cute, fun and all you will need is a square piece of paper or a sticky notes and a pair of scissors… and off you go.

Dimensions of the paper used in the video: 7.5cm*7.5cm.its a sticky note. You can use square paper of any size and you can also use square sticky notepaper.

Supplies used in this video:

  • Sticky notes
  • Scissors

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Fold the square paper or sticky note diagonally in one way, open it out and then fold it diagonally in another way.
  2. Now fold it in half in one way, open it out and then fold it in half in the other way.
  3. When you open the paper it should look like it has folds crisscrossing the square in a star.
  4. Now fold it in half to form a rectangle, using the diagonal folds as a guide push both the sides inwards resulting in a triangle shape.
  5. Fold this triangle in half.
  6. You will be left with one open tip and one closed tip.
  7. Cut the open tip in curve shape. (see video)
  8. On opening it you will have 2 curved tip points with 2 layers on either side and 1 pointy tip downwards.
  9. Now take one layer of the curved tip on each side and fold it towards the middle of the crease.
  10. Fold the pointy tip behind bringing it up to the peak and overlap it with the main part.
  11. Now fold the butterfly in half and open it up so it gets the shape. (see notes)

I hope you that you have lots of fun making these very cute and simple DIY Butterfly Craft! See you soon.

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