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Face Icing | Skin Icing | Ice for face: Benefits of cold facials

Skin icing / Face icing has become a popular morning and evening ritual for better-looking skin. Facial skin icing can help you wake up, and feel refreshed. This process can minimize the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and redness because it causes an increase in blood flow.

The most basic form of skin icing is when you use an ice cube to reduce under-eye or facial puffiness. When actual ice is applied to the skin, it causes blood to rise to the surface which soothes and tightens the skin. Ice has long been a secret to clear skin and a healthy-looking glow.

Proponents of skin icing believe it can be used to:

  • Refresh the face
  • soothe sunburn
  • Fight the formation of wrinkles
  • Fight acne and heal blemishes
  • Promote blood circulation, thereby giving skin a healthier appearance
  • reduce oiliness

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What is skin icing?

As the name suggests, it is applying ice on your cleansed face.

Why is skin icing popular?

It is popular because the method is cost-effective, extremely easy, and natural. It offers visible results just in a few weeks of starting it! Skin icing can lead to multiple benefits, including improvement in skin conditions such as pimples, acne, inflammation of the skin, and effects of aging such as the development of wrinkles and sagging. Icing also helps in reducing puffiness under the eyes and sunburn.

How to do it ?

If you’re icing your whole face, do so in the morning before putting on makeup. If you want to spot treat specific areas for acne, do so every other night before bed. Either way, clean your face first as you normally would.

The first way of doing it is by placing a few cubes of ice into a muslin cloth or a soft cloth, such as a fine handkerchief. Once the ice starts melting and the liquid wets the cloth a bit, apply the wrapped ice to your skin.
If you don’t want to use a cloth, wear gloves if you can’t hold a cube with your bare hand.

The second way of doing it is by gently rubbing an ice cube all over your cleansed face until it melts. For this second method follow the do’s and don’t’s below:

  1. Always wash your face before icing.
  2. Don’t apply ice straight out of the freezer. This can damage capillaries. After removing the ice cube from the freezer wait for a minute before rubbing it over your cleansed face.
  3. Place an extra soft cloth nearby. You’ll want to have this ready for wiping any excess water that runs down your face.
  4. Keep the icing moving, continuously rub in a circular motion. Never stay in the same spot for too long. i.e Avoid holding the ice on your skin for too long. Prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures can result in ice burn.
  5. Take breaks between rubbing, if you can’t go in one go.
  6. Moisturize after icing your face.
  7. Do not use very big ice cubes or rub ice for too long.
  8. Do not do this multiple times a day (3+).

Up the freshness factor with these added ingredients

Ice doesn’t have to be just frozen water, other ways of doing it and maximizing the benefits of icing are as follows

1.Facial Tomato Ice cubes

Benefits of facial tomato ice cubes:

  1. Brightens skin.
  2. Minimizes pores.
  3. Ice improves blood circualtion.
  4. Icy slush exfoliates skin.

2. Facial Turmeric ice cubes

Benefits of facial turmeric ice cubes:

  1. Reduces hyperpigmentation.
  2. Acne treatment.
  3. Healthy skin.

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