Holi colors with natural colors
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Homemade Holi colors using natural colors | Skin safe Holi colors

Holi is a fun festival and playing Holi with safe colors makes it even more fun. Homemade holi colors using natural homemade colors is an interesting DIY to do with your kids.

I made some safe Eco-friendly colors with corn starch and food color. I Experimented this two years back, it was a huge success and have made these every year since then.

This is a super fun DIY activity to do, it’s safe, easy and failproof.

If you do not want to make the colors yourself then see this video for an alternative.

Here I have tried making holi colors with both corn flour and corn starch and both were a huge success.

Let’s see how to make Holi Colors

Things needed:

For natural colors:

  1. Purple Color – Purple cabbage + water ( Boil chopped purple cabbage for 10 minutes ) = Use strained liquid as color
  2. Blue Color – Purple cabbage + Baking soda ( Use the purple color liquid from above and add 1/4 tsp of baking soda to it , mix well ) = It will turn blue
  3. Yellow Color – Turmeric powder + Water ( Mix turmeric and water )
  4. Green Color – Spinach + water ( Grind and strain) = Use strained liquid as color
  5. Pink Color – Beetroot + water ( Grind and strain) = Use strained liquid as color

For Holi color powder:

  1. Corn Starch – as needed
  2. Corn Flour – as needed
  3. Color – Homemade natural color or food color

Instructions to make Holi colors:

Method 1: using Corn Flour

Take Corn flour as much as needed into a bowl and add a tsp of color. Mix it with your hand and gradually keep on adding the color one tsp at a time and keep mixing with your hand until you get the desired color. For clearer idea please watch the video above.

Method 2: using Corn Starch

Just mix around 1/4 cup water with food color. To that add around 3-4 tbsp of corn starch, a little at a time mixing well. When you have added enough corn starch and mixing becomes difficult, pour the solution on a plastic sheet or cling wrap. Let it dry completely for a few hours. After it dries completely, crush into pieces and grind in a mixer to form a smooth powder.

Your Holi colors are ready to use…HAPPY HOLI!

For more clear instructions, please check the video at the top of this page or click here to see it on my YouTube channel.

About the festival

This is the time when flowers start to bloom and we see color everywhere. This festival signifies the arrival of spring, the end of winter and the beginning of a good spring harvest season. This festival symbolizes prosperity and burns off sorrows in the Holi fire and bring colors in life.

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