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Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream | Just 3 Ingredient

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream – is there anything better than that?

I literally feel like there is a cloud of sweetness in my mouth whenever I take a bite of this ice cream. I don’t want to brag but this is the best homemade vanilla ice cream and it is my most favorite of all the vanilla ice cream’s out there.

How long does homemade vanilla ice cream last?

Like regular ice cream, my homemade vanilla ice cream when stored in an airtight container in freezer stays good for upto 6 weeks to 2 months.

Ingredients for Vanilla ice cream

  1. 400ml sweetened condensed milk – chilled.
  2. 450ml whipping cream – chilled.
  3. 1 tsp vanilla extract.

Yes!!! just three ingredients.

Notes: Put the condensed milk in the refrigerator to keep cold until we whip cream.


  1. Take a bowl and make an ice bed by putting ice cubes into the bowl.
  2. Now place another bowl on the ice bed.
  3. Add 450ml chilled whipping cream and whisk using a hand mixer or a stand mixer or even a good old whisk.
  4. Whisk the cream until soft peaks form.
  5. Now add in the 400ml chilled condensed milk and whisk until everything is mixed well.
  6. Add 1 tsp vanilla extract.
  7. Again whisk until everything is well combined.
  8. Transfer the ice cream into an airtight container, dab to make sure there are no air bubbles and close the lid.
  9. Freeze for a minimum of 8 hours or overnight.
  10. The next day, Voila ice cream is ready.
  11. Keep stored in the freezer for upto 6 weeks.

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Vanilla ice cream
Vanilla ice cream

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