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How to make a YouTube video?

I have been making YouTube videos for about 4 years now and I finally came up with a procedure that I follow when making a video. And now I am going to share that with you.

Total beginner’s guide to video making and editing:

  1. Think of content or subject for a new video.
  2. Research about it – see for every possible way to do it.
  3. Plan the video –  how to do it, what you will need, what you want to highlight, the purpose of the video, end message and think of how you want your YouTube thumbnail to look for this video)
  4. Script – like writing down the recipe and thinking of what to say in the video, and write down what you are supposed to do during the video( because if you forget, you may have to reshoot the whole thing again). And if you have a website, write a post on the content.
  5. Shoot – choose a day with good light and shoot multiple shots of the same frame if needed and multiple angles, wide and close-ups.
  6. Photo session – Click nice pictures of what you are making, for thumbnail, social media and to put them in the video. Make your thumbnail picture really attract the audience.
  7. Back up – Transfer all the content to a computer and organize it.
  8. Edit space – Find a quiet, bright place to focus on editing.
  9. Watch your footage – watch every shot of the footage over and over again so as not to miss out on something important.
  10. Begin to Edit – Mark the best takes and lay them on a timeline ( this is called assembly edit ). Put everything together, roughly following a storyline.
  11. A. Fine Cutting – Removing repetitive stuff.                                                   B. Jump Cutting– Removing everything that is not important.                 C. Add Transitions 
  12. Error Correction – Watch over and over again once the video is ready. In this step, you will find out errors if there are any and you make corrections. If you are not able to concentrate leave it for the next bright happy day.
  13. Render a Copy – You render a copy at this stage just to be safe( if the program of software that you are using to edit crashes or u dint save etc this is the time) and not lose what you’ve created and also if you want to translate this video to another language.
  14. Building up your edit – Add Captions, B rolls, title, a title card at the beginning of the video to tell what the video is about, intro, text callouts to highlight things in the video, out or end screen and end msg.
  15. Narration – is simply you talking about the video or what is going on in the video.
  16. Working with Music – Mix in your sound at this stage. Turn the music down when talking and up when not i.e emphasizing narration.
  17.  Color Correction– only if there is a need for it.
  18. Add logo – add a small logo at the top left corner or wherever you want to avoid people claiming your content as theirs.
  19. Finally, watch it twice and export it.
  20.  Upload – upload as unlisted and then add all the video details such as name, description, tags, keywords, etc and end screen, cards and then go public.
  21. Market your content on social media.
  22. Finally, Save the Final Image and Final Video in one place, so that you can access them easily whenever necessary. I save all the final images and final videos in a hard disk.

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