Ideas and Tips to keep your kitchen clean
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Ideas and Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

How do you keep the place clean where literally the energy for our existence is made? Yes I am talking about kitchen. This post has ideas and tips to keep your kitchen clean.

I’m going to start out this post with a full disclosure: I hate cleaning kitchen and it seems like a never ending task. I cook 3 meals a day, work on my YouTube channel, website, and take care of my son simultaneously. Things can get pretty crazy, and sometimes it just isn’t possible to get to the dishes immediately. I had to come up with some solution to make it easier for me. So here I am sharing some ideas and tips for keeping your kitchen clean.

Oh, to have a clean kitchen!!! Cooking homemade meals 3 times a day and still having a clean kitchen seems like a dream but with these tips and ideas you can get a little closer to that dream.

I am a new mom and I just do not have the time to clean the kitchen. Even if I had some time I would like to spend it with my son or rest or do some selfcare or I’d rather be doing any other stuff than be cleaning kitchen.

Let’s see the Ideas and tips to keep your kitchen clean

1. Start with a clean kitchen

First thing in the morning – unload the dishwasher.

Whenever I cook, I always start with a clean sink and an empty dishwasher.

“Nothing causes a back up of dirty dishes piling up in your sink faster than a dishwasher full of clean dishes that you still need to put away,”

If you are a tea/ coffee drinker then start your day by making the tea or coffee and while it is brewing unload your dishwasher. If you are not a regular tea/coffee drinker then just start your day by emptying the dishwasher.

This works well because the dishwasher is ready for the breakfast dishes and we can just keep filling it up all day long.
After breakfast, if everyone clears their own plates and puts them in the dishwasher then you won’t have any dishes piling up. This simple act doesn’t take much time, but it makes the job of dishwashing so much easier.

Ideas and Tips to keep your kitchen clean
Ideas and Tips to keep your kitchen clean

2. Have A Trash Bowl/compost bin on the countertop

Instead of throwing your food scraps onto the counter, it’s much more efficient to place them in a dedicated bowl. I always keep a bowl (or better yet, a small compost bin) on the counter beside me as I prep everything for cooking.
That way, anything that I discard, trim, or peel, goes into that one bowl. I can literally just take one bowl and dump everything right into the garbage and I’m done! As a bonus, it frees up space on your cutting board as you’re working through your prep and keeps your countertop clean.

Keeping a bowl next to your cutting board while chopping food can save you from making multiple trips to the trash can or compost bucket. This practice will reduce spills and drips on the floor.

3. Clean while you wait

Once everything has started cooking, this is your chance to get a bunch of cleaning done. Think about it. You have to be in the kitchen anyway—you might as well use that time to do some cleanup. Clean (or throw in the dishwasher) any prep dishes and/or utensils, wipe counters and rinse cutting boards, that kind of stuff. This clean while you wait concept will save you time after your meal is over.

4. Keep it minimal

Cluttering counters can overwhelm you and it uses up a lot of counter space. As much as the stuff displayed looks within easy reach, it’s much better to put everything away in a cupboard so your counters are completely clear.
Without a bunch of stuff cluttering up your counters, you have so much more room for prep work. Plus you’re more motivated to actually wipe down your counters if you don’t have to move everything first.

I personally keep water filter, knife block, oil bottles and utensil holder on the countertop and nothing else. Find what works for you. Mostly clear countertops are invigorating, inspiring and inviting you to cook.

5. Clean spills ASAP

We ignore to do this because we are in a hurry or just too tired or lazy to get to it. The reality is, if you get to a spill as soon as possible, it will be so much easier to clean up. Dried-on gunk has to be soaked or scraped first, when it could have been cleaned up with a simple wipe.

6. A tray instead of spoon rest

When it comes to Indian cooking or when you are cooking multiple dishes at once you have more than one spoon/ladle. Using just one spoon rest won’t work in this kind of situations, instead using a tray makes it easier to keep atleast 4-5 ladles. This way, you won’t set a dirty utensil on the stovetop or counter hence saving time on the clean up.

Below are a few examples of trays that you can use as spoon rest on which you can rest multiple spoons at one time.

7. Mise en place

You may have heard of “mise en place” when it comes to cooking— it’s the French culinary concept that advocates prepping all your ingredients and having tools that you will need all in one place before you start working

When you are cooking something elaborate or if you have time on hand then you can prep all your ingredients first and then start cooking. This way there won’t be a mess and cooking will become a therapy to release your stress.

8. Vaccum, sweep or wipe

Kitchen floors can get dirty real fast if you are working in a hurry or cooking 3 meals a day. Add a nightly vacuum or sweep or quick wipe to your routine.

9. Mixing bowls with lids

If you are making something in a large quantity then make it in a mixing bowl with a lid, this way you won’t have to transfer the leftovers into another box. This reduces the number of dishes that need to be cleaned.

Below are the examples for mixing bowls with lids. There are glass, plastic and steel ones. I love the glass and steel ones.

Mixing bowls with lids ( These are from kitchen stuff plus in Canada )

Mixing bowls with lids ( These are from kitchen stuff plus in Canada )

10. Kitchen shut down routine

This is something that I learned from my mom. This just means that you never go to bed with a dirty kitchen or leftovers on the countertops.

My Kitchen shut down routine includes cleaning up after dinner which includes things like clearing the table, then wiping it down, putting leftovers away, and soaking any pots that need it or just loading dishwasher with final dishes. Then doing a quick sweep. This extra step in the night makes my mornings in the kitchen so much easier, happier and fills my heart with enthusiasm to get through the day.

Other tips to follow for a smooth clean up

1. Clean these 3 things immediately after you use them

  1. Chef’s knife
  2. Grater
  3. Strainers

2. Strive for an always empty sink

If you have an empty dishwasher place the dirty dishes directly into it rather than stacking it in your sink. This is the benefit of emptying dishwasher in the morning.

3. Always take help

Ask your family members to join in your efforts to keep kitchen and home clean.

4. Set alarm

On your mark, get set go and don’t stop cleaning until you hear the ding. “I set a timer and clean for 15 minutes every morning after breakfast and every night after dinner. This way you wont be spending too much time cleaning or in the kitchen.

5. A place for everything

Assigning a place for everything and put it back in its place after using. This way things won’t be scattered and kitchen will look tidy.

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