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Diwali, Divali, Deepavali or Dipavali is one of the biggest and brightest festivals in India. It is celebrated throughout India with a lot of grandeur.
It is a festival of lights. lights in this festival are diyas – small earthen oil-filled lamps that people light up. People also decorate their homes and doorways within their homes for this festival. So, here I am with a Paper Diya craft that is easy to make, looks fabulous and this craft is in theme with Diwali.

Spend time with your kids and make these adorable paper diyas and decorate your home. These paper diyas are very easy to make and these can pretty up any home or classroom. Use them to hang on your home wall as wall decor or hang them on doorways – one string of diyas on each side of the door and one string horizontally.

Paper diyas on doorway
Paper diyas on a doorway

Now let’s see how to make these paper diyas.

Crafts are easier to make when you actually see them being made, so here is a video tutorial for you:

Diwali Paper Diya Wall decor/ Doorway decor

List of Supplies to make your easy Paper Diyas:

  1. Glue
  2. Compass (geometrical school compass)
  3. Pencil
  4. Thread or yarn
  5. Scale
  6. Craft Knife
  7. Scissors
  8. Yellow construction craft papers
  9. Orange construction craft papers or constructions papers of colors of your choice

Compass Measurement
Compass Measurement

Let’s see how to make these adorable Diwali paper diyas

  1. Fold 1 orange color A4 size craft construction paper into half, cut the paper into 2 using a craft blade.
  2. Now, fold these 2 paper into half again, cut them into 4 using a craft blade.
  3. Now, take 1 paper out of the 4 and fold into half once and then into half again. Repeat this with the remaining 3 papers as well.
  4. Take a compass and measure it to 4 cm using a scale and mark a line placing the tip of the compass at the base of the folded edge.
  5. Repeat this with all the other papers as well.
  6. Now, cut along the pencil mark made using the compass.
  7. Keep these diya bases aside.
  8. Now, take yellow color craft construction paper and fold into half once and cut it into 2, then fold these 2 paper into half again and cut into 4, then fold these 4 papers into half again and cut into 8 papers. Fold these 8 papers into half again and cut into 16 papers.
  9. Take one paper out of the 16 and fold into half vertically and draw a half teardrop or flame shape. Cut the shape out.
  10. Now use that cut out to draw a flame shape on all of the remaining yellow papers and cut them out and keep aside.
  11. Now we are ready with orange paper diya base and yellow paper flame cutouts.

Assembling the paper diya base and flame

  1. For each diya, we’ll need 4 orange paper bases and 4 yellow paper flame cutouts.
  2. Now, take 1 orange paper base and apply glue on its outer side and stick another orange paper base. similary stick all the 4 orange bases leaving the first and last one.
  3. Now, place a string between the first one and the last one apply some glue to secure the string.
  4. Apply the glue between the first one and the last orange base and seal it into a diya base.
  5. Similarly, right on top of the diya base, we have to stick the flame cutouts.
  6. Take 1 yellow flame cutout and stick another yellow flame cutout on top of it, do this to stick 4 flame cutouts on top of the other.
  7. Now, between the first flame and the last flame place a string and apply some glue to secure the string.
  8. Finally, apply some glue between the first flame and last flame. (i.e glue the last piece with the first piece along their sides. )
  9. One diya is ready on the string.
  10. Similarly, follow this process for the rest of the diyas.
  11. Beautiful paper diya wall hanging or doorway hanging is ready.

Diwali paper diyas
Diwali paper diyas

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Links for the products I used:

  1. Craft Construction Papers
Craft construction papers
Craft construction papers

2. Glue


3. Yarn


4. Compass

Geometry compass

Geometry compass

5. Scissors


6. Craft knife/utility knife/box cutter

Craft knife / box cutter/ Utility knife
Craft knife / box cutter/ Utility knife


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