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Spinning Butterfly Mother’s Day card | Greeting Card

Spinning Butterfly Mother’s day card is easy and fun to make. Even if you’re not crafty, I promise you can make this greeting card. Anyone can make this!

“MOTHER” just to hear the word is so warm and comforting. I am sure everyone has a really special place for their mothers in their life. She’s our go to person for everything. Some mothers are strict in their manners, some have a really cool and comfortable relationship with their children, some are a mix of both. However their approach might be, the bottom intention of all the mothers is similar, to see their children happy and successful in their own terms.

From the day we are born, they give their everything to make us comfortable with our surroundings and life in general. From playing along in our silly games when we are kids..to packing lunch boxes when we are off to school..till seeing us grow into the beautiful and responsible people that we become..mothers have done it all to turn everyday in our life into a beautiful one. Theirs is a place irreplaceable by anything.

You must be thinking why suddenly this discussion about how wonderful moms are right!! Well with Mother’s Day around the corner, I cannot help but think about the wonderful role these ladies play in everyone’s lives.)As much as our moms deserve to be showered with love all year round, there’s no denying that they deserve it even more on Mother’s Day..

Handcrafted gifts have always managed to convey our genuine feelings more than a store bought gift..remember the drawings that we used to draw during our childhood, usually parents hold such things close to their heart. These handcrafted gifts can also be combined with your store bought gifts to make a adorable combo that makes your gift both personalized and delivers what’s needed.

Also these DIY crafts are even more fun when you plan on doing them with a sibling..like making a lovely Mother’s Day card along with your brothers and sisters and surprising your mom with your team work.

So if you are thinking of crafting a fun DIY card for your mom this Mother’s Day, then you have chosen the right article..

Let’s Begin-

spinning butterfly card
spinning butterfly card

Things needed for Spinning Butterfly Mother’s Day card

  1. 9*12 inch Mixed media paper or card stock paper – white color
  2. Purple Construction paper
  3. Compass
  4. Craft Blade
  5. Scissors
  6. Pens and pencils
  7. Rhinestones
  8. White Thread
  9. 2 Butterfly cutouts
  10. Cutouts or stickers of some flowers and Butterflies
  11. Glue
  12. Transparent Tape
  13. Double sided tape

Instructions (Refer video for more clear instructions)

  1. Take a white color 9*12 inch Mixed media paper or card stock paper.
  2. Fold the paper into half.
  3. Fold the upper half of the paper into half in opposite direction.
  4. Now cut a circle of radius 5.5 cm in the upper half of the paper.
  5. Now in a purple construction paper cut a circle of radius 5 cm and stick it to the bottom half of the folded paper using double sided foam tape.
  6. Take a few stickers or cutouts of flowers and butterflies and stick them using double-sided tape. (Refer video)
  7. Write wishes and messages on the card.
  8. Now stick some rhinestones. (Refer video)
  9. Now in the upper half of the paper stick a white thread using transparent tape. Pull the thread and secure in the bottom with a tape. The thread should be tight and stiff, loose thread won’t spin. (Refer video)
  10. Draw 2 Butterflies, cut them out and keep aside.
  11. Stick butterflies on either side of the thread using transparent tape and glue. (Refer video)
  12. Let the glue dry.
  13. And the Spinning Butterfly mother’s day greeting card is ready. (Refer video)

Spin the butterfly a couple times and put it inside an envelope. When the receiver takes it out and opens the card, the butterfly will start spinning. See their faces light up with happiness.

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