Three C Spice Mix
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Three C Spice Mix

The three c spice mix is a blend of cardamoms, cinnamon, and cloves in 1:2:2 ratio by weight in grams. These 3 spices are rich in flavor and adding the powder of these will enhance the taste of any dish.

This is a very intense spice mix and should be used sparingly. Usually, almost all dishes call for only 1/8th tsp of this mix when you are cooking for 2-4 people.

I have used this spice mix in masala vadas, you can use them in curries and biryanis, etc.

Let’s see how to make Three C spice mix


  1. 50 gms cinnamon
  2. 50 gms cloves
  3. 25 gms cardamom


  1. Dry roast the spices individually in a heavy-bottomed skillet or iron pan set on medium flame.
  2. Keep stirring, be mindful and don’t let the spices burn.
  3. Once they cool down, grind them together into a fine powder.
  4. Store them in a clean airtight glass container.

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